Talk to the hand! Chairperson Dealice Fuller raises her hand at the CB1 Meeting on December 5, 2017

Last night, the Swinging 60’s Senior Center (211 Ainslie Street) hosted the final CB1 meeting of 2017, and despite the crummy weather and end of year throwaway vibe, the room was fairly full. If you’ve been following our lighthearted coverage the past few months, you are probably aware of how fun these meetings can be to watch, especially for neighborhood nerds who don’t feel like schlepping a few blocks to attend. And that’s also because you can watch the livestream from the comfort of your couch via PBS Thirteen on YouTube while you pop in a frozen Roberta’s pizza and down some nice wine from Dandelion (just me?) while yelling things at the screen like, “That man’s head is too big for his body!” (also, just me?). This particular meeting had a whole 26 people tune in to the livestream, and I have to say I’m thankful that Thirteen disabled the chat feature—a few meetings ago there was a troll on there typing in dirty words at random intervals, in a display of truly demented deference for locals getting organized and actually giving a shit about where they live.

Chairperson Dealice Fuller is one of the main reasons you should be watching the CB1 meetings, because she throws some amazingly timed shade. Last night was no different, so here are a few of her best gems:

“When I don’t see faces that often, I don’t remember names that well.” –Dealice Fuller (regarding a person in the audience who she didn’t quite recognize, and then an 80s sitcom-type “Ooooohhhhhhhhh….” [as in ‘Damn, that was cold’] went through the crowd)

“Please. How are you gonna have a meeting when people are talking in the middle of the floor?” – Dealice Fuller (to people chitchatting in the audience)

“Marty, we can’t have that, you know better.” –Dealice Fuller (Get ‘im!)


“We don’t know if we’re gonna wake up tomorrow and find the world still here.” –Dealice Fuller (on whether unexpected world events will interrupt future committee meeting dates)

CB1 Meeting on December 5, 2017 — Highlights:

    • New building 695 Grand Street (at Manhattan Ave) developed by local nonprofit St. Nick’s Alliance is seeking LOCAL applicants to apply for affordable housing! 50% of the affordable units (38 out of 50) are reserved for current residents of CB1. Income limits go up to a little over $86k for one person, and $124k for a 3-person unit. The deadline to apply is December 29, 2017.
    • I had a 10th grade History teacher who used to growl, “Ya late,” any time someone arrived to class after the bell. He did not take kindly to latecomers, and we learned pretty quickly that his ribbing would turn into serious reprimands if our tardiness increased. The issue of board member attendance has been a standing issue with CB1, as well as the procedure to boot members for non-participation and change the bylaws to make it easier to edge those people out. Apparently there are some people who are “doing a lot,” then others who come to the meetings but just hang out on their phones instead of paying attention, and also those who simply do not show up regularly. For the past year, Dealice has been trying to “up the ante” on attendance, which is likely why this issue is now coming to a head. At last night’s meeting, the group decided that every committee will need to set the year’s calendar on January 3rd, 2018. Future steps will be taken to ensure the board’s full participation.
    • If you have ever had to go to Williamsburg’s Post Office at 263 S 4th Street, you know that it is literal Hell—it has just 1 star on Yelp out of 263 reviews and has rightfully been called “the worst post office in the United States,” if that gives you a little perspective. I picked up a package there about 10 years ago, and vowed to never return. Nearby residents are unhappy about the office’s trucks blocking the streets/sidewalks, employees taking up public parking spaces and creating a general hazard for the neighborhood. Can we just have this place bulldozed already and build a new and much needed better post office (complete with new employees)? Sidenote, if the South 4th Post Office has burned you one too many times, you can can file a complaint: send an email form, call 1-800-275-8777; or send a strongly worded letter to: United States Postal Service | Office of the Consumer Advocate | 475 L’Enfant Plaza, SW | Washington, D.C. 20260-2200.
    • The L Train Coalition had a press conference Tuesday morning. Stand by for coverage here on Greenpointers.
    • AWOL Eatery (336 Graham Avenue) was going before the board to propose a sidewalk cafe, and they did not show up.
    • Orthodox Jewish women have been having issues with the women’s only swim hours at Metropolitan Pool (261 Bedford Ave) for the past year, and troubles are not over. More than a hundred women who paid for the pool this year are unable to use it, and moreover the women are concerned that the Parks Department are not taking into consideration the needs of older residents. The Women’s Committee is continuing to advocate and investigate what can be done to expand the hours and ensure there are enough female lifeguards.
    • Friends of Transmitter Park is concerned that the developers of 1315 Greenpoint Avenue will be demolishing an asbestos-ridden building, and whether it’ll be safe for nearby residents and children playing in the park’s playground. The Friends also requested that no construction be permitted on weekends (because that’s when us Greenpointers actually have time to enjoy the tiny bit of park land we have here, ok?!).

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