Whether you’re jogging down Franklin Street or getting an early morning spin class in at the Greenpoint YMCA (99 Meserole Ave), or even perhaps flowing through a peaceful sweat at Usha Veda Yoga (1006 Manhattan Ave), the best part of any workout, really, is when you’re done.

As you catch your breath and dab away the sweat you get to focus on the next best thing—and no we aren’t talking about an ab sequence to follow or even an extra sprint-mile here—we’re talking post-workout eats! It is time to fuel up, because you deserve it! Lucky for us, Greenpoint has almost as many healthy grab n’ go spots as it does dark-lit bars and Polish bakeries. Whether you are getting your sweat on in the early morning or grinding it out after work in the evening, here are the best spots to fuel back up—and not feel bad about being completely sweaty and out of breath.

If you are an early riser.


Via The Brooklyn Standard Facebook

Brooklyn Standard – 188 Nassau Ave
Don’t get your sports bra in a tangle, the Brooklyn Standard is nothing like The Standard Hotel. This natural foods deli/coffee shop/bakery/enhanced-Bodega is perfect for anyone who needs something healthy at 7 a.m. and on. The neighborhood spot is open from 7-11 p.m. daily and offers breakfast all day along with an impressive selection of fresh squeezed juices and protein-packed smoothies. Enjoying your run around McGolrick park and need a kale, apple, lemon juice before you officially start your day? Brooklyn Standard is your spot.

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Pie Corps – 77 Driggs Ave
I know what you are thinking, pie? How could I possibly finish a HIIT workout and feel okay about indulging in a slice of pie at 8 a.m? First of all, don’t jump to conclusions here because Pie Corps is a hidden gem on Driggs Ave that is perfect for a nutritious and wholesome “breakfast hand pie” in the morning. Everything in this shop is made from scratch and the place itself smells like your grandma is preparing for a holiday party featuring pies on pies. But, really if you finish up your workout by 8 a.m. pop over to Pie Corps, it smells like heaven and will give you the perfect egg-fix, plus a great coffee or refreshing orange juice to feel great after your morning sweat.

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Eagle Trading Co – 258 Franklin St.
Franklin Street is the best for a morning jog. It doesn’t have the morning rush of buses like Manhattan Ave, or the race to the G on Nassau Ave. It is quaint, and there is plenty of room to open up your stride and run down the sidewalks in peace. After you finish your jog, walk or early session at Pure Barre (225 Franklin St), Eagle Trading Co is calling your name. This coffee shop on the corner of Eagle is perfect if you need to sit and refuel with lots of caffeine, but also has a large menu of healthy eats that ranges from hearty bowls of oatmeal, avocado toast to all of your egg-needs and wants. Doors open at 8 a.m. which gives you plenty of time to grab an egg sandwich, shower, then hop on the ferry to work.

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Littleneck Outpost —128 Franklin St.
Despite the somewhat intimidating beachy-chic feel on the inside, you can absolutely come into this place drenched in sweat (I mean, I have.) But also, if you want to ease into it, there is an awesome bench outside perfect for catching your breath, prepping for your order and basking in the fact your workout is done and now you get to eat. Littleneck is your quintessential New England breakfast spot. If you are feeling really good after your morning sprints at McCarren, why not enjoy a Smoked Salmon Sandwich or even a Lobster Scramble, because well, you deserve it! Littleneck is usually packed in the morning, but if you finish up early get there around 8:00-8:30 and you’ll be able to get in and out and not sweat on too many people in the process.

If you have flexibility in your workout schedule.

Via The Jungle Cafe Instagram

The Jungle Café – 996 Manhattan Ave
Perhaps you took a 9:30 a.m. pilates class at Lucent Yoga (172 Norman Ave) and are looking for something light and healthy for a mid-morning pick-me-up. The Jungle Café is calling you and your yoga mat to come through. This vegetarian restaurant will fill you up and have you feeling all kinds of healthy when you leave. Whether you are looking for a “clean green” juice to snap a pic of for the gram and hashtag #health, or grab a quick shot of hemp protein to compliment the arm circuit you just crushed, The Jungle Café has got it. The restaurant opens at 11:30 so don’t hesitate to dine in also – there is a huge menu of hearty bowls, salads and on to fill up after a workout.

Via Acai Berry Instagram

Acai Berry – 650 Manhattan Ave 
The name really says it all here. Acai Berry opens up at 10:30 a.m. and is usually the go-to of active-wearing folk enjoying a giant acai bowl or smoothie. The location is perfect for anyone part of a run-club at McCarren, or looking for a quick protein-packed blend before hopping on the G to work. It is very okay to be sweaty here, and almost encouraged; everyone next to you will be in the same boat. Need a recommendation? Order the Hawaiian Breeze. It will cool you down and replenish your body with all the superfood essentials.

Via BÚÐIN / Blue Light Speak Cheesy Facebook

Budin – 114 Greenpoint Ave
Budin is known for its multi-purpose affair of coffee, craft beer and wine, because really, what else could one need? But in all seriousness, this coffee shop is open from 7 am to 11 pm almost every day and has all the necessities for someone who needs some energy after a spin class at the Y. If you time it right, and show up on a Thursday you can fuel up with a grilled cheese thanks to the folks at Blue Light Speak Cheesy that do pop ups often at Budin. Also new and great for getting some salt back into your body, is Ramen Railroad which has been popping up in the shop from noon until 10 p.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

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