One of the under-appreciated hallmarks of New York life is your local vegetable stand. A step below the bounty found at our farmers markets, our vegetable stands come in handy on your walk home from the subway or when you’re on a budget and need a little bit more fresh produce in your daily diet. In Greenpoint, the majority of our 24-hour vegetable stands can be found along Manhattan Avenue with the most popular two right off of Greenpoint Avenue. There, we have a veritable vegetable war where every man needs to pick a side.

Mom & Pop’s Organic Market aka Poland Farm | 889 Manhattan Ave
The OG Korean greengrocer of Manhattan Avenue, Mom & Pop’s, the former Poland Farm, is the place consistently giving you deals on produce. Most of the good stuff is found outside where you have to hold your ground against pedestrians, people waiting for the bus, and old ladies who will really want their plums! Keep in mind that the “better” deals are for produce that needs to be eaten today or possibly tomorrow.

Mr. Berry | 892 Manhattan Ave
A part of the Mr. Coco’s chain–yes, a chain of produce stands named after fruits–Mr. Berry is a relative newcomer as it opened in 2015, though this spot has been home to a greengrocer for years now. Mr. Berry did immediately bring the heat to its long-standing neighbor across the street which will, at times, result in a price war. Mr. Berry does have a decent selection of produce, especially when you go to the back refrigerated cases, along with their very busy juice bar inside.

Mr. Plum | 658 Manhattan Ave
When one greengrocer closes another one opens. Mr. Plum sprouted over the summer in the space that used to be Brooklyn Industries, just as another produce stand up the block closed. It has one definite advantage over its competition. The front doors are set way back from the sidewalk meaning you can mull over your healthy decisions without dodging pedestrians.

Check out those apples!

Rachel’s Garden | 116 Nassau Ave
Another long-standing neighborhood favorite, Rachel’s is a definite stop for anyone who doesn’t feel like dealing with Manhattan Ave masses. Rachel’s stocks a good selection of high-quality fresh groceries all around the outside and a nice selection of foodstuffs inside. You’ll want to stop by around now for their charmingly big bins of apples on the sidewalk.


Produce Cart | Manhattan Ave at Java St
When you can’t get a storefront, you set up a cart. Produce carts are actually a big part of NYC history as the first street vendors were hawking produce, not hot dogs. This daytime cart can be found during the week, with the options getting more limited as the week goes on (they restock on Mondays). The prices are actually some of the best around.

Fresh Stop | 975 Manhattan Ave
Of all the greengrocers, Fresh Stop does have the most limited selection. It’s primarily what’s outside with more hardy produce inside (garlic, potatoes, cabbage, pumpkins, things that can last), but the prices are good and everything will hold up for a few days. Fresh Stop also has something I’ve never seen at the other stands; there are some deeply-discounted bags of produce off to the right side, usually of things that need to be eaten right now. If you’re on a strict budget, it’s worth a look to help stretch your food dollar.

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  1. Sorry to hear about stores closing on Manhattan Ave.My family owned the hardware store at 977 Manhattan Ave for 94 years until i retired in 2014. I wish only the best for locally owned businesses there

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