Sadly, these days walls, and keeping people out of America, is an all too familiar topic of public discourse. Perhaps no people in the world feel as strongly about walls as Mexicans do, so it is entirely appropriate that Jorge Cruz, a talented local artist from Puebla, Mexico is planning an art installation that not only relates to the physical walls that some want to build across the southern border, but also the larger, and more troubling, spiritual, intellectual and moral walls that divide all people. It is hard to think of a more important topic for a conceptual art installation than these walls the show explores.

The Phantom Wall Cruz creates are physical walls of light that symbolize the many invisible walls that separate and isolate people from one another. The installation reminds us that insidious walls imprison people subconsciously and that mental these walls have profound consequences on people’s actions. The Phantom Wall represents Cruz’ artistic protest against all the myriad forms of prejudice present in our world and the artists goal of stimulating people to tear down these artificial barriers and find commonality with all people. Cruz hopes the Phantom Wall show will encourage viewers to reflect on their own internal barriers and to overcome them.

Jorge has been in Greenpoint since 1990 and has a long history of involvement in the North Brooklyn Art scene. Cruz hails from Atlixco, Puebla, a quaint town one hundred miles south of Mexico City. In 2003, he co-founded the Williamsburg Jazz Festival. He is also the founder of Urbantgarde, a website dedicated to celebrating the achievements of contemporary artists in New York and he has just finished writing his first book, “Of Circles, Lines, and Squares.”

On May 1st, at 6 pm, TBD Brooklyn (224 Franklin St.) will host a fundraiser to support the Phantom Wall with a poetry reading featuring Michael Whalen, Ed Go, Billy Cancel, and melissa christine goodrum, as well as a jazz performance by Nick Kadajski. All The funds raised will be used to take the Phantom Wall to other cities. Come out and support this talented artist and his vital message.

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