Rendering of proposed building at 13 Greenpoint Ave. – Kutnicki Bernstein Architects

Developers are planning to build an 11 story mixed-use residential building at 13 Greenpoint Ave. overlooking Transmitter Park. The proposed building would have 77 apartments (23 affordable) and approximately 4,700 square feet of commercial space.

Notorious Brooklyn slumlords admitted to using abusive tactics to push out tenants from five North Brooklyn buildings, including 300 Nassau Ave. A plea deal was reached resulting in a $350,000 fine and no jail time.

An 85-year-old man played dead while he was robbed by three men who ran off with $36,000 from his Huron St. home.

Goldie’s got a visit from the NY Times.

A vacant 80,000 square-foot warehouse at 1 Huron St., is on the market for $60 million.


The holiday cheer is alive on Manhattan Ave. with the return of the light display, no thanks to the “corporate grinches.”

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  1. This proposal is GHASTLY. There are plenty of acceptable modes of development that we should support and there are several under construction now in that very area. But this? This offers nothing. It solves nothing. It merely blights the landscape. It should be opposed aggressively.

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