1851 view of Brooklyn Navy Yard looking north towards Greenpoint

Our little neighborhood of Greenpoint has some very rich history, and we’ve posted about a lot of it. But how much do you really know about this small patch of earth you rest your head on? Take our quiz and find out! Answers after the jump (no peeking!).

1) Dirck Volckertszen was the first European to live in Greenpoint. Where was he from?

2) Greenpoint once was called by another name that today is a popular Manhattan Avenue Restaurant. What was the name of that point?

3) There were five ancestral families in Greenpoint that gave their names to streets. Name two of the three.

4) What local group of Native Americans used Greenpoint as their hunting ground and gave their name to a Queens neighborhood?


5) Who is considered the founder of Greenpoint?

6) What American Vice-President once visited Greenpoint on a romantic tryst?

7) What was Greenpoint’s first industry? (Hint: a local hill was named for it).

8) What part of Greeenpoint did the British Army use as a staging area to attack Manhattan during the Revolution?

9) What industry dominated the local waterfront in the 1850’s?

10) What famous ship was built in 1861 on Quay Street?

11) Charles Pratt became rich refining oil. What was his refinery called?

12) A Greenpoint baseball team won the national championship twice? What was the team called?

13) Local boxer Jake Kilrain lost the last bare knuckled heavyweight boxing championship in 1889 to what boxing legend?

14) What Greenpoint-born writer is credited with inventing the modern children’s book?

15) What Hollywood sex symbol was born on Herbert Street?

16) What nickname did Pete McGuinness give Greenpoint?

17) What iconic American statue was cast on India Street?

18) What Greenpointer lost the 1916 presidential election to Woodrow Wilson?

19) What local school is the oldest continually-used public school in New York City?

20) What was Oakland Street renamed?


1) Norway  2) Cherry Point  3) Calyer, Meserole, Provost  4) The Mespeatches, who gave their name to Maspeth  5) Neziah Bliss  6) Aaron Burr  7) Pottery  8) Newtown Creek  9) shipbuilding  10) The monitor  11) The Astral Oil Refinery  12) The Eckford Club  13) John L. Sullivan  14) Margaret Wise Brown  15) Mae West  16) The Garden Spot  17) The Iwo Jima Memorial  18) Charles Evans Hughes  19) P.S. 34 20 McGuinness Boulevard

15-20 Correct: You’re a local history maven; surely you must have read Greenpoint’s Forgotten Past. Likely you often regale your friends and loved ones with fascinating tales of Greenpoint yore.

10-14: You know your stuff, and can compete in a fair debate with locals about past events. Remember to share your knowledge and point out Greenpoint landmarks when you have visitors in town.

6-9: There’s always more to know—it might be time to check out Greenpoint’s Forgotten Past and brush up. You might learn something truly fascinating about the ground you walk on!

0-5: Maybe you didn’t fail history in school, but you’ve pretty much bombed this quiz. Don’t worry, though. You can still read Greenpoint’s Forgotten Past and make up for lost time.

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