A badge of honor, perhaps?

Writing for Grenepointers.com, I receive a ton of emails, but recently one caught my eye with the subject: BROOKLYN BUTTONS #1: Greenpoint Avenue.

The email was very short and cryptic, basically saying they made these diecast pins and wanted to know how many I wanted. I followed up asking for a quick chat over the phone and someone from BKButtons called me but now I’m even more confused?

I’ll paraphrase here:

GP: So you guys made some Brooklyn street sign buttons?

BK Buttons: No, we only made Greenpoint Avenue, for now. That’s the first in the series.


GP: So you’re making a series of Brooklyn street sign buttons?

BK Buttons: Probably? We’ll see.

GP: How many Greenpoint Avenue buttons did you make? You’re selling them on your website but will they be in retail shops also?

BK Buttons: Probably just on our website. We’re not really into selling them, but also it costs money to make them… Hopefully we can sell enough to be able give enough to our friends and not lose money.

GP: How many did you make?

BK Buttons: We have about 40 left? Yeah, maybe less?

GP: Ok, so not that many.

BK Buttons: Not that many.

GP: Cool.

BK Buttons: Ok, cool.

If you’d like a button, you can order them at BKButtons.com

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