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It’s really easy to get all your veggies this spring and summer in North Brooklyn with the vast variety of CSAs. CSAs (which stands for Community Supported Agriculture, and CSAs are also sometimes called farm shares) are a great way for people to have access to local, fresh vegetables, fruit, and other food directly from the farms. Participants purchase a “share” for a season—shares are based on items, delivery regularity, or size—paying in winter or spring for a box of locally delivered goods. By providing financial support to the farmer early on, you support the farmer no matter what the weather—and you get to be treated to the bounty of whatever the weather provides. Best of all, you don’t have to deal with worrying about oversleeping and missing the good stuff at the farmers’ market!

Because you generally don’t get to pick which kinds of vegetables and fruit, and you are often exposed to new kinds of fruit and vegetables, it’s a great chance to learn how to cook new veggies. Many of the CSAs also provide a website or Facebook group with recipes; be sure to inquire.

If you’re interested in signing up for a CSA, you should get a move on. Some have already closed for the season, and many are nearing capacity.

Happy eating!

*Note: All prices are for large share. Smaller shares, shorter shares, and other item shares have varied prices. Check individual websites.

via Garden of Eve

Garden of Eve Farm
Garden of Eve has great certified vegetable organic shares. Large shares (24 weeks) are $27.30 a week. There are many types of shares, including veggies, fruit, flowers, meat, cheese, bread, and pickles & preserves.

People can pick up their shares in McGolrick Park, McCarren Park, Bushwick, Bed-Stuy, and other Brooklyn neighborhoods. Garden of Eve asks everyone to do two work shifts a season by helping distribute the shares.

Paisley Farm CSA
The Paisley Farm CSA delivers farm-fresh veggies from the picturesque Tivoli, New York, to Bushwick. The organic farm delivers veggies and eggs for 10 weeks to Bushwick. Veggies are $621 for a full share.

Each share requires one volunteer shifts to help with produce pickup, and people can also volunteer at the farm if they are interested. Signup is still open.

via Southside CSA

Southside CSA
Even though online signups are closed, you can stop by The Woods, the distribution center for this CSA on Mondays from 630-8pm, to get signed up. Pickup is every Monday during the Summer Share, and every second Tuesday in the Winter Share. Full shares are $650 for 26 weeks.

Participants receive an average of 7 different kinds of produce a week.

Local Roots CSA
Local Roots CSA has a lot of different kinds of shares – vegetarian (including vegetables, salad mix, and veggie burger mix), vegetables, fruits, charcuterie, “ancient grains,” salad mix, bread, gluten-free breads, olive oil, butter, mushrooms, fish, meat, granola, “artisanal,” milk, pasta, chocolate, veggie burger mix, eggs, juice, tea, cheese, coffee, and more!

The season is a bit shorter than other CSAs (12 weeks) but is definitely cheaper ($225 for 10 weeks); it might be the option to try out having a CSA for a first time.

via The 607.

The 607 CSA
There are still shares available for 2016. Organically-grown veggie shares are $585 for a full share (20 weeks). Participants can also add a wide variety of other shares: a variety of cheese shares; kefir; milk; yogurt; burgers; chicken; sausages; eggs; mushrooms; lamb; meat pies; hens; and flowers.

There are several pickup locations in Greenpoint, Bushwick, Bed-Stuy, Fort Greene, and other neighborhoods in New York City.

via Lineage Farm

Lineage Farm CSA
Lineage Farm is located in the Hudson Valley, with weekly pickup in Greenpoint at the Greenpoint Reformed Church. Vegetable shares are priced at $520 for large shares.

Members can choose on what veggies to get based on what the farm harvested that day. All vegetables grown are organic (though not certified organic).

via Dirty Boots Farm

Dirty Boots Farm
Dirty Boots Farm still has shares available for this year – full shares are $530. Pickup location is in Bushwick (at Montana’s Trailhouse on Troutman Street) and Bayridge.

They are not yet certified organic—it takes three years of growing organically on the same location; they’re in year two of growing organic in that location—but they do use only organic, low-impact, and sustainable practices, like very little tilling and fossil fuel usage.

Greenpoint-Williamsburg CSA
There are still a limited number shares available for this year, which starts June 8. Vegetable shares are $655.20 for a season. Other available add-ons include fruit, eggs, flowers, cheese, bread, meat, and pickles & preserves.

All of the vegetables are organic. GWCSA is volunteer run and subsidized shares are available. There are various pickup locations, including Bed-Stuy and Bushwick.

via East Williamsburg CSA

East Williamsburg CSA
Connecting East Williamburg residents with farms in the Hudson Valley, the East Williamsburg CSA offers weekly or bi-weekly vegetable shares. Several different farms participate in this CSA. There are offerings of vegetables, fruit, eggs, beef, pork, chicken, and pasta!

Veg shares are $570, and there are still signups available! Payment can be made in installments, a nice benefit.

via Mermaid’s Garden

Mermaid’s Garden Sustainable Seafood
This community supported fishery is $35 a week, which “comfortably” feeds 4 people at once.

Pickup is in Bushwick and Williamsburg.

Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative
This local and completely organic CSA delivers fresh veggies, fruit, and other items weekly. Best of all, the pick-up is at Eastern District, so you can pick up some amazing cheese, beer, or artisan snacks to go along your CSA.

via Lancaster Farm Fresh Collective

Pickup at the Eastern District location is maxed out already for this year, but keep in mind for next year: veggie shares are $32 a week total, and include 11-12 items for larger boxes. Fruit, herb, eggs, meat, and flower shares are also available. There are also occasional opportunities to purchase veggies and fruit in bulk for cheap prices. 20 pounds of tomatoes – yes please!

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