On the evening of January 18th, Greenpoint Gallery underwent a casualty from an unfortunate electrical fire, causing significant damage to the second floor space. The gallery’s curator, Shawn James, has lost a significant amount of gallery equipment, studio space, computers, documents, and over 20 musical instruments. Apart from holding shows for local artists and the community, Shawn devotes his resources and gallery space to teach, feed, and nurture students from the St. Nicks Alliance Work youth program, six days a week.

This program is dedicated to help at-risk teens with job preparation and financial literacy upon graduating high school. The gallery has been a second home to many of the kids, where they volunteer their time to help artists and the venue while discovering creative and collaborative abilities of their own that are not readily accessible to them elsewhere. Shawn has been a dedicated community leader by supporting the youth of our future, and the proof is shown by having one of the best attendances rates and performance record from his students within the nationwide program. It is a difficult reality that they are currently without their needed resources at this time.

Greenpoint Gallery pre-fire

For twelve years, the gallery has been reliant upon art shows, music events and space rentals to financially sustain itself – all the while creating a place of solace and support for friends, family, and neighbors. It has been estimated that at least two months income have additionally been lost due to this unfortunate incident. They are currently accepting charitable donations from patrons and businesses alike to help aid in the process of urgent recovery.

Immediate needs/asking for tax deductible donations of the following items:
-Old Mac desktop/laptops/ipads
-Artist oil paints and brushes
-Dog food (Blue Buffalo Chicken and Rice dry)
-Canned goods (rice, beans, etc)

The Greenpoint Gallery is also looking for volunteers with experience in film, Photoshop, fundraising, and coordinating sponsorship. Volunteers are currently needed to help out with the clean-up of the space during Saturdays and Sundays, and donated goods are being accepted from 2-7pm this weekend (2/5-2/7) as well as the weekend of 2/12-2/14.


Please coordinate via email at: greenpointgallery@gmail.com to make an appointment to drop off these desperately needed items or inquire about volunteering. The gallery is located at 390 McGuinness Blvd, Brooklyn, NY, 11222.

Forthcoming will be a GoFundMe campaign and a benefit concert as an effort to get the venue back on track. In the meantime, any members of the community capable of donating a dollar, fifty cents, a hundred dollars, may do so via this link.

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