Peter Pan’s crullers are ready for their beauty shots. Photo via Christopher Lee for The New York Times.

The treasure that is Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop is not a secret to anyone who’s lived in Greenpoint for more than two months, but it was recently given the New York Times treatment. Donuts! Must be a Brooklyn thing. Especially when they’re leafed in 24-karat gold.

Uber baby, or Übermenschen? A baby girl was born in the back of an Uber while stuck in BQE traffic in Greenpoint on Monday.

Modernism is coming to Greenpoint. More of it, at least. Here’s what the old warehouse at 79 Quay Street will look like once it’s been given a residential makeover.

It looks as though someone has stepped up to deal with the collapsed Newtown Creek bulkhead, though the larger issue of aging infrastructure in that area is still anyone’s guess. That said, the city is investing $30 million to install debris filters in the creek, which will be fully functional by 2017.

Greenpoint is playing host to a mini Hell’s Angels drama. The Unknown Bikers recently set up shop on Division Place, but neighbors can’t seem to deal with the noise. The tradeoff, says a spokesman for the bikers, is that they’re pretty active in community service.


Three Kings Day was celebrated with pomp and circumstance on Graham Avenue, though there was a somber tone to the proceedings. The parade featured a police marching band paying tribute to murdered Officer Rafael Ramos.

It looks as though things are back on with the Greenpoint Hospital, which may soon fulfill the wishes of nearby residents to become a bastion of affordable housing.

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