I’m not a big karaoke guy. Those private karaoke rooms take too much planning i.e. friends flaking out at the last minute for the get-together. Then to sing you have to wait your turn, haven’t been much good at waiting in line since grade school and it’s even worse now when alcohol is involved.

Mondays there’s the longstanding live band karaoke at Arlene’s Grocery in the city. But read back over that sentence. Mondays. In the city. Good luck on that sub-zero bike ride over the Williamsburg after the show. But it is fun once in a while.

Since all the terrible Maiden cover bands seem to have disappeared, it’s up to you to fill the void.

I’m not trying to bring you down, in fact there’s good news involved here. Every Wednesday night Bar Matchless hosts under-the-radar heavy metal karaoke starting at 10 pm. No annoying crowds, and it’s close to home.

Free shot if you sing. Free drinks if it’s your birthday.


And final promising detail? The event still has a MySpace page.

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