You’ll sweat so hard you’ll stop seeing color. Photo: CrossFit South Williamsburg

You don’t really want to be reading this, but just in case you kind of do, here are a few relatively new players in Greenpoint’s health and fitness scene. Because doing good for a body doesn’t have to mean leaving your 10-block-radius no-bra zone. Even if you can’t technically pull that off during a bout of jumping jacks, or you’re a dude and you’re struggling to relate to this entire premise.

New Love City
As a yoga studio and co-working space in one, New Love City is sort of the next-level standing desk. Perched right on top of Tender Trap (at 68 Greenpoint Ave, on the 4th floor), it’s been open since late July, and its unique business model means the yoga teachers get paid reasonably well.

2016 might be a good year to unfollow a lot of your neighbors on social media. CrossFit is opening a new location on January 2 on the ground floor of a newly renovated warehouse at 42 West Street (right by the EXPO Center). There will be group classes for the pack animals, as well as personal training options for the serious people. If you sign up before Jan. 2, you can get a pre-opening promotional rate of $150/month for an unlimited no-contract membership (normally $245).

Play Big Apple
Miss your intramural sports team? Here’s a social sports league for adults, where you can hit the bar or pub after the game (typically in Williamsburg). Winter leagues kick off January 16th, with a special focus on skeeball and shuffleboard.

Perhaps you’re already a convert, but in case you didn’t happen to see the new barre studio that opened on Franklin last June, it’s not too late to get your low-impact toning on. No prior dance experience needed.


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