The juvenile genius of Dave Letterman’s early top 10 lists is probably starting to fade in everyone’s memories since the advent of his retirement. But remember that Snuggles the Fabric Softener Bear once listed as one of his top 10 concerns that the Pillsbury Doughboy might ask to be poked a little bit lower. And keep your eye out at flea markets for that top-ranked obscure Norman Rockwell painting entitled, “Turn Your Head and Cough.”

Letterman, well-known by the Connecticut State Police for his lead foot, dreamed in one of his lists of replacing the speedometer in cars with an encouraging voice that just says, “Punch it! Punch it!”

Listen, I know that Electronic Dance Music is a recent favorite target in New York, just like apparently the secret to getting published in The New Yorker is to do a Kanye-worthy i’ma let you finish mike drop on the eminent Humans of New York photo series. But face it, there are times when you just want to punch the gas pedal to the dance floor and move like a jacked-up K-car! If you can relate, the Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival begins tonight at three North Brooklyn clubs. Our preview can be found below.

If you are looking for background music tonight while you lounge in the VIP, then DJ’s with house and prog house leanings are not for you. If you are looking to actually dance, though, check out Oneman at Verboten, Laidback Luke at Output, and Gina Turner’s Nuyorican-influenced tracks, also at Output.


Clubgoers know that I would be bluffing by naming exact set times. You can make an educated guess, though, by checking out each venue’s website for a door time and lineup order. Here is a playlist of the named acts:

Those seeking smoother, laid-back sounds can catch Obey City’s groove at Verboten, and Julia Govor’s chill yet charismatic thump work at Output.

Julia Govor is bringing Belarus to Brooklyn tonight

A preview of those acts is here:

Looking to speed things up? Doctor Jeep brings his mix of house and drum & bass to Verboten this evening.  This would be a good follow-up to the infectious freestyle tribal and R&B sounds of Kashaka, and Afrika Bambaataa’s electrofunk breakbeat, both appearing at Panther Room. Playlist below.

Tickets for the full festival can be purchased here. I’ll see y’all out on the floor.

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