Now that you mention it, this certainly appears to be a drug front. Photo: New York Post

Greenpoint might not need a Breaking Bad cafe after all. Turns out a local mom-and-pop pharmacy was host to “one of the biggest illegal prescription pill rings in New York history.”

Ready, set, development roundup. A new building is in the works for Kent and West, and “the design is…something.” Meanwhile, a Canadian firm just bought into Greenpoint Landing, with construction on two tall towers expected to begin in the first half of next year.

David Simon’s HBO pilot, The Deuce, was filming at The Capri Social Club last week. Get your 70s porn ‘stache ready in case they return.

A new Democratic Policy Group has been formed to tackle New York’s “livability” issues, with State Senator Daniel Squadron heading up the group as chairman. The rent is too damn high, among other things.

Hackers from the other side of the world might hold your files hostage, but one of the unsung perks of living here is that it’d be super convenient to get to the ATM they’ll send you to. Yeah, I’m not sure either. There’s one shady Soviet-era ATM they find acceptable, and it’s in Greenpoint. Radiolab did an episode on it. You won’t be mad you listened to it.


There may be a dark side to that barge beer you’re drinking, and it’s not malt. A member of the North Brooklyn Community Group brought attention to a development in a potential environmental skirmish involving the Barge Bar. It was previously noted that a CSO sign had been moved off premises (that’s the Combined Sewer Overflow sign that indicates where raw sewage mixes with storm water when there’s heavy rain). After the DEP was notified, the sign is back, but not in the same location it was before. The legality of this remains murky.

In this New York Times diary entry, a G Train commuter observes a gag on the greedy.

A taste of things to come: kids in costumes!

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