Well, well, the tide of gentrification is officially churning over in our little pocket of Brooklyn. Less than two years after its launch, our very own fun house The Brooklyn Night Bazaar, is leaving the neighborhood. What was once supposed to be a permanent space to play minigolf in a black lit room, pick up that wooden iphone cover you’ve had your eye one, sample some tasty food, or simply grab a brew while enjoying the bands playing in the back room–the Brooklyn Night Bazaar’s 23,000 sq foot space was apparently too much fun for its own good.

This abrupt end of a good time comes as quite the surprise for Night Bazaar co-founders,  Aaron Broudo and Belvy Klein, who were told they had to a month to pay an insane rent increase or pack their bags and leave. Rubbing salt in the wound, the owner of the Night Bazaar’s warehouse already has a new tenant ready to roll in—none other than the German engineering giant, BMW.

According to this sad press release, the folks at the Night Bazaar had this to say:


“ As you might have heard, about a week ago we received some unwelcome news from our landlord. He reached a deal for a new lease with a very large company. We have been asked to vacate by the end of the month.

It’s been a great run at 165 Banker but it’s time to move on. This weekend will be the last ever Night Bazaar at our current location. We’ll miss all the incredible bands, rad vendors, killer food stands, creative artists, and the thousands of visitors that made BKNB a unique place to hang out. Come on down before we pack up.”

Photo by Sean Sullivan

Co-founder Belvy Klein iterated the sentiment in an email to The Gothamist, who said the bad news “hit us like a nuclear bomb…The building owner did offer us to match, but it was basically close to 8 to 10 times what we are currently paying, which is just a number not even remotely on our radar. You do have to wonder how it’s even possible anymore to operate a venue that doesn’t have massive financial backing. Coming from a punk rock/DIY background personally, to see venue after venue basically fall victim to the same developer/price-you-out scenario is really depressing. And as a native New Yorker, it pisses me off even more to see how unrecognizable this city has, and continues to, become.”

We hear you Belvy Klein. It is hard watching our beloved city mowed over block by block at the hands of corporate entities. Gentrification is such an ugly thing.

Photo credit: James and Karla Murray

As for BMW, their positioning inside the “new Williamsburg” is a perfect position for them. After all,  where else should North Brooklyn BMW drivers service their cars other than the Hamptons or (gasp) Manhattan, when they can do it in Greenpoint–a stones throw away from those luxuries towers?

Yet while we lament another blow to the hood, all is not lost for the Brooklyn Night Bazaar. Greenpointers still have this weekend (May 22nd and 23rd) to squeeze in one last game of ping-pong at the Banker Street space before the Bazaar packs up their carnival of fun and moves over to Jacob Riis Park for a series of outdoor shows while they look for another space.

“Riis Park is an absolutely gorgeous beach right on the Atlantic, but if you do a quick 180, you actually see the skyline of the City,” Klein says. “With no condos or high rises blocking the view.”

Adios Brooklyn Night Bazaar. Greenpoint will miss you and our unobstructed views. Can’t wait to see where the boardwalk takes you this summer.

For more information about the Bazaar’s new location and events you can check out their website for details.

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  1. The night bazaar was fine, everyone who moved to BK after it was fully gentrified in 2011, enjoyed going to the night bazaar for a twee activity or overpriced snack.

    Get a grip, this place opened just a few years ago and catered to the same people driving J Crew and Whole Foods into the neighborhood, it had no claim of right or cultural significance. It will be mourned by the people who never knew brooklyn until their parents paid 1/2 the rent on their studio apartment in a Karl Fischer development after they graduated from Barnard in 2012. Juxtaposing pictures of CBGB is laughable.

    1. Before you start casting stones, check your glass house Be Serious. I am a born and bred NYer, my family still lives here, I graduated college in the 90’s, and yes, I will miss the Brooklyn Night Bazaar. I don’t give a rats ass if it was here since the 80’s or was barely 3 years old. It gave Greenpointers a place to go and have some light-hearted fun. BMW is a billion dollar company who plans on selling luxury cars to rich people.

      As for juxtaposing pictures of a city I mourn and truly miss–if you think that’s laughable, then I suggest you pack your bags and your BMW and go back to where ever you came from. You’re exactly the type of person NYC doesn’t need.

  2. Is this Karma, for making our parks (Riis) into for profit institutions? Don’t expect to be lulled to sleep by the crashing waves with the echo of a distant stage or be too relaxed after waiting 2 hours to park your car.

    Greedy – Parks Dept.
    Greedy – Landlord
    Greedy – Night Market

    BMW just great engineering…

  3. Seriously?!?!?

    Yet no mention or care about Angels Bakery. Who’s property Brooklyn Bazaar came in and took over. I’m glad the rent can be raised enough to kick out industrial business that created and made GP… But weren’t to high for some fly by night bazaar to even start?!? Give me a break.

    What’s sad is KIM K trying to push her agenda that Greenpoint is supposed to be some ultra hip fun place to live. Or that it always was. Which is just a lie. No one wants more residents. No one wants more “fun”. We just want industry back and everyone else to leave. Go back to the Midwest or the other parts of NYC. Cause you sure didn’t start here.

    1. Ah actually I did start here. Did you? So what’s up–all the pro-industry groups come out of the woodworks last night? I wasn’t writing for Greenpointers when Angel’s closed. Had I been, I certainly would’ve covered their story as I also mourned their loss as well.

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