A view from Transmitter Park

It’s true that spring still feels a long way off. But the announcement of a forthcoming seasonal drinking spot is a nice reminder that this seemingly invincible frozen snow isn’t going to last forever.

A floating bar is set to open on the Greenpoint waterfront in the form of a barge moored at 91 West Street, just by Transmitter Park.

Brooklyn Barge Bar is being pioneered by a chap named Will Drawbridge (yup…real name) who, pending a liquor license, plans to be serving food and drinks on his stationary barge from as early as May 1st.

Brooklyn Barge Bar © Will Drawbridge

There will be space to seat around 100 punters, with additional seating on the land. In the fullness of time Drawbridge says he hopes to use the space to develop a community hub, with talk of fitness classes, a farmers market, art displays, and storage space for kayaks.

In an interview with DNA info Drawbridge says “A lot of people don’t necessarily think, ‘Let’s go out to the Greenpoint waterfront’. We want to change that perception. It’s got some of the nicest views in the city.” (Yes, we know….now bang goes those quiet afternoons reading in the park with an Ovenly cookie and the view to ourselves…)


On the upside, visitors to Transmitter Park will reportedly have access to the bar’s bathrooms which is handy in the otherwise toilet-less surroundings. And come to think of it, perhaps the idea of a sunset G&T after a hard afternoon’s lounging is actually rather appealing…

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  1. What is with this incessant need to add amusements to all N. Brooklyn parks? As if plopping down on real grass and watching the sun set over one of the most amazing city skylines in the world wasn’t entertainment enough? Give these interlopers enough time and soon all of Greenpoint’s waterfront will be a littered with a bunch of these floating boozefests. Ehem, anyone remember LIC’s water taxi bar? Too bad the developers needed to build their Hunter’s Point South towers on that lot or else Mr. Drawbridge could’ve set his buoyed bar a 1/2 mile north. Thanks for taking away our serenity, Mr. Drawbridge. You really know how to fuck a good thing up.

  2. Oh goodie, not I can look forward to kicking drunks from the bar barge off my steps. It’s all about money now. What in it for the people who live in this area, it’s nothing but a hassle. It seems like no one gives a damn about the people here, it’s bad enough with the tourist flocking here already. Get ready 94th percent, your going to be busy with this junk this summer.

  3. i hope will knows hes ruining a small pocket of quiet sanctuary for a lot of people–that little park is where most people in the hood go to get some peace of mind, now we’ll have to deal with bar noise along with drunken antics….instead of going on to the water and watching the sunset over the city in silence. can’t wait to have basically the east side equivalent of the frying pan in her tiny park.

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