Familiar crowds outside Five Leaves wait in line for a perfect flat white.

As I strolled past Sharkey’s Driving School at the top of Bedford Avenue on Sunday evening, I noticed it was NO LONGER a driving school but instead some kind of pop-up gallery/shop. The guy inside told me that the space is about to be taken over by Five Leaves with view to an expansion and we can now confirm that this news is indeed absolutely true!

Five Leaves co-owner Kathy Mecham tell us “We are upgrading the entire restaurant: bigger kitchen, bigger room, bigger bar.  This also means we will also be able to up our catering so it’s really exciting!”

Original Five Leaves designer John McCormick is in charge of the expansion so the new space is pretty much guaranteed to be gorgeous. McCormick is also behind other local beauties such as Maison Premiere, No Name and Spritzenhaus.

Renovations are yet to begin, so it’s unconfirmed exactly when we will get to reap the benefits of the newly expanded restaurant.  But when the work is completed maybe, just maybe, there’ll be slightly higher odds of scoring a table for our bruléed grapefruit and flat white at the weekend. Well…we can but dream!

***Note – Sharkey’s has not closed completely, but only moved to the new location of 231 Norman Avenue, Suite 104.  More info can be found on their website.***


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