Lost Kings and Bored Spacemen, is the fifth studio album from electronic musician and composer NAUGHT. Eric Scott, the man behind the moniker comes originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, lived in France and has permanent resident status in New Zealand, but he’ll say that he spent some of his most formative years in the area surrounding McGolrick Park, and is where he resides today.

NAUGHT’s latest work consists of 11 musical storytelling tracks that are not easy to classify into any single genre. The LP pulls heavily from classical and jazz without being either; there is a dose of almost every division of electronica, but it doesn’t remain in any single one long enough to be pigeonholed. Many of the sounds on Lost Kings and Bored Spacemen are recorded from nature, everyday household items and power tools, which sit seamlessly in dense mixes along side traditional orchestral instruments, 808s and lush synths. It’s the kind of sound that can only come from an innate mania, an extensive mental catalog of the musical canon and willingness to constantly experiment.

Emotionally complex, no song on the album will leave you with one specific feeling. The tracks often split between elation and melancholy, which twists the listener’s mood toward the sublime. “Life is never one thing, it never has only one dimension or any sort of straightforwardness. So music should avoid portraying the single and strive to portray something singular,” says the artist. NAUGHT approaches every song in the same manner, “I have some conflict going on in my brain that I would like to come to terms with. Next, I find some sounds that I like and then I relentlessly bang the two together until I learn something.”

Lost Kings and Bored Spacemen is now available for digital download from CD Baby and iTunes along with NAUGHT’s four previous releases. Have a listen to the album below.


Visit NAUGHT at his website, or follow him on Facebook and SoundCloud.

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