Moe's Doughs

Important Food News Flash: As of last Friday, Greenpoint got itself a second donut shop. Yep, that’s right, after many years of plain sailing, Peter Pan has finally got some competition!

Moe’s Doughs Donut Shop (126 Nassau Ave), situated at the corner of McGuinness, is a family-run operation headed by Egyptian-born owner Mohamed Saleh, who has lived in the neighborhood for over 25 years.

Donuts are freshly made on site each day and the selection is impressive (and, dare I say, not entirely dissimilar to PP’s). The array includes red velvet, honey dip, iced coconut, sour cream, chocolate cake, and blueberry buttermilk.

Moe's Donuts

I order a classic sugared jelly donut and….drumroll…the Croissant Donut, Greenpoint’s very own take on the Dominique Ansel cult food of yesteryear (he’s since moved on to pretzely peanut butter lobster tails).

The jelly donut is good, although I don’t find the filling quite as tasty as you-know-where. The croissant donut looks so much like a croissant that I actually wonder if I’ve been sold the wrong thing. But the proof is in the pudding and sure enough, when bitten into, it tastes doughnut-like and faintly fried, with a crisp, flakey croissant exterior. I have to admit it is a minor thrill to finally try a Cronut (!!) taste-alike, though I’m relieved I didn’t waste hours of my life waiting in line during frenzy time.


As well as donuts and pastries, Moe’s offers breakfast sandwiches and lunchtime burgers along with other wild cards such as falafel, hummus, wings, and chicken tenders. There is a bar with stools to perch along if you want to eat in, or you can take your treats to McGolrick and enjoy as part of a picnic like we did.

Let us know your thoughts on how Moe’s donuts compare to Tina Fey’s fave

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  1. i went there today and it’s TOO similar to peter pan. all the donuts are named the same, taste the same and are the same price. Are they just reselling PP donuts there? did this guy used to work for PP or something?

    1. I got to speak to the owners themselves and it comes out that he actually was the original baker at Peter Pan for almost 18 years and was the major factor of their success.It also seems like hes trying new things especially with the of the best sweets I’ve had in a while.

  2. This place is great! Hard to avoid comparison to Peter Pan, but really, who cares? Donuts are ready first thing in the morning, you can avoid the lines, and the sour cream and blueberry donuts that I’ve tried were delicious.

    1. I dont get this stuff…OMG another donut shop!!! You cant have a single donut that is the same or else you are copying. They are similar but its common types like almost every other shop in town now. Also if you are a business owner where location is very important to your future why would you not move to GP where there is a single donut shop “not DD” and make money for yourself. If your product is good it will sell. When it comes to business old and past employments simply become competition if you are in the same market. Sorry Peter Pan but after eating your donuts since being a child in PS34 ive wondered how there was simply no competition for you all these years.

    2. Yes he was their baker for over 20 years
      Thats his recipe. Not peter pans!!!
      Good for him starting his own business
      He made peter pan famous !!!
      If it werent for him, there would be no
      Peter pan!!!!
      I would definitely go to his place only!!
      Peter pan runs out of donuts anyway all the time!
      I been going to peter pan since i am a kid
      I am tired of waiting on line forever with
      All those moron yuppies anyway!!!
      Yay Moes. I will tell all my friends to go to
      Your shop!!!

  3. No, Moe did not make Peter Pan famous, the original owner from the fifties, PHIL Pancucci , started the business, no donut shop compared to his. He had the shop for over 40 years and , and he most certainly made the best donuts. He sold it to the now owners husband. I have loved and enjoyed being his wife for almost 60 yrs. this October 22nd..we shall celebrate indeed!!!!!

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