Pitball thrown from moving car on BQE and lives. Photo credit: Angel Chevrestt

There are few things were worse than an animal abuser.  But it takes a truly despicable person of the lowest common denominator to toss a live animal out of a moving car. The grim incident happened around 6:25pm, Tuesday night on the BQE. Jon Ernsberger was the first to spot the pitbull making a 30ft descent towards Meeker Avenue in Greenpoint. He told reporters at first he thought it might have been a human being hurled over the railway, only feet from his car, but when he slammed on the brakes and got out for a better look, he found the 50lb male pitbull still alive and struggling to get up.

“I thought for sure it would be dead. It had blood coming out of its mouth. It tried to stand up and it was whimpering,” he told The Post.

Quickly, others came to the rescue including Lacie Zassman, a 24-year-old preschool teacher, who spotted the dog while walking home from work. “When I showed up, he was just breathing really heavily not making any noise…It looked like the impact had broken his bones…I couldn’t believe someone would do something so cruel and disturbing, ” she said.

While some people wrapped the dog in blankets, other witnesses called animal hospitals in the area for help but were turned away because of a lack of police involvement. When the police did arrive 30 minutes later, one of them told the rescuers they could always take the dog to a kill shelter. Sorry copper, but don’t you think a dog who survived a being tossed out of a moving car and a 30 ft fall deserves more life than at a few hours at a kill shelter?! Oh for the love of humanity!

Thankfully, the two good samartitan’s, Ms. Zassman and Mr. Ernsberger, agreed and rushed the dog to Veterinary Emergency & Referral Group in Cobble Hill, where he was treated for a lung problem and an injured front leg, a rep from the clinic told Gothamist, which first reported the story.  


The vet’s office dubbed the pooch Meeker and say he is doing well and in stable condition. “He’s sore, definitely from landing. Fortunately he didn’t sustain any broken bones… He’s getting a lot of love here. He’s a really sweet dog,” said Dr. Brett Levitzke of VERG.

With some hope, Meeker will get adopted into a good home and live out the rest of his days being spoiled rotten. It is uncertain if the police are looking further into the incident.

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