Catey Shaw is Brooklyn's own Katy Perry knock off #livinthedream


If you want to be irritated, watch this cringe-worthy music video, which is basically a knock off of California Girls, sung by a party girl who dances around Williamsburg in a Nets hat.

Bill de Blasio played it cool with Colbert this week and denied being a socialist (even though we all know he’s a communist spy infiltrating the city to spread universal pre-K).

Both GIRLS and Boardwalk Empire are shooting in the hood today.  Speaking of which, have you heard of Film Complaint 11222? Local resident, Rolf Carl, is Greenpoint’s own film shoot monitoring vigilante, removing tape from irresponsible crews and keeping 311 on speed dial.

The NY Times finally publishes a thoughtful piece on gentrification from a writer who has lived in Brooklyn since the 70’s. 


An all-vegetarian restaurant is about to open on Manhattan Ave, called Jungle Cafe, not to be confused with the Rainforest Cafe, which holds a very dear place in my childhood heart. The cafe will serve house made cereal, and a combo of Mexican/Indian/Polish and Chinese food….creating a jungle of flavors?

DNAInfo selected the Newtown Creek Nature Walk as a top spot for a hot date because there’s nothing more sensual than wastewater treatment infrastructure. And on the topic of romance, if you haven’t tried canoeing through our backyard, ’tis the season.

“Environmental gentrification” is the subject of a recently-published academic paper from UC Berkeley, using community activism on the Greenpoint waterfront as a case study for green planning.

Want to get XTREME? Try the non profit off-road bike park in Williamsburg. Where else would you find a non profit off-road bike park?

Need some beach read recommendations? WORD’s got you covered.  And People of 2Morrow‘s got a ton of beach wears, if that’s more up your alley.




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  1. Greenpoint – 1999: basic Polish useful; Franklin a largely Puerto Rican row; paint-splattered kids with dark-circles from all night art-making, an occasional penny to be found on the sidewalk.

    Greenpoint 2002/3/4/5 – heated conversations at (now defunct) Greenpoint Coffeehouse around the relationship of aesthetics to wider social international contexts; an occasional nickel gleams on the sidewalk.

    Greenpoint 2006/7/8 – American Playground basketball scene: hard-won entré into rock ball style play with polyglot kids from the hood – fading; Bodegas still Bodegas; poetry readings at bars (all 2!) – to”attract customers”; on the curbside – a dime!

    Greenpoint 2009/2010/2011 – heated conversations about web 2.o newly added functions begin flooding like, every like, corner, in like in every, like, bar; “L chickens” begin full strut to GRNPT; Euros! Two – one on Java – the other on Freeman.

    Greenpoint 2012/2013/2014 – pacific conversations on every corner punctuated by “my dad” “my mom”; actual moms and dads paraded on Franklin; Bodega caving in, going the way of Kim’s Market; Transmitter Park – breathing space!; – resident trusty news source, archeological site chronicle, tracking the sweep of change as it surges on; Krone and Krona to be found on West Street.

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