Mirror, mirror on the window. Yes, window.

A white house on the corner of Lorimer Street and Norman Avenue in Greenpoint allows passersby to take selfies by means of a mirror window.

Instagram user @greenpointglass‘s feed is filling up with moments of everyday people capturing themselves by standing in front of a green, iron gate—and all for free. Since the first selfie posted on May 4th, more than 60 images have joined the feed. It’s Instagram fun at its best.

Here’s a look at some of the best of the Glass:

They wear statement tees.They make 'sexy' faces.They get up close and personal.They come in drag.They talk to the mirror.They have coffee.They have an ice cream break during the World Cup.They play.They bring their dogs.

If you haven’t taken one, go and get your glass selfie.

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