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Greenpoint Gallery Night is finally here. I’m psyched to put feet to pavement and see some art in my own hood. Have you plotted your route yet? If not, here’s what’s happening where to help you get a grip on your itinerary. Don’t forget to tweet or Instagram pics as #greenpointgallerynight. We’ll run the best photos of the night’s aesthetic meanderings Monday morning so you can brag to your coworkers about how cool your weekend was.

A. Greenpoint Gallery: Missed the National Juried Art Competition? Come see the best in show winner, Robert Bootier’s work as well as runner-up Sarah Ruthless French. I hear there will be live music which is always a plus.

B. Heliopolis: Mattew Mahler’s show, Luxury Goods explores themes of “individuality and mass production, authenticity and fraud, sophistication and bad taste” through taking commercially printed images and embellishing on them with paint.

C. Theceeflat: Mandy Kelso’s show, Ode to Greenpoint explores her experience living in Greenpoint and its changing face through her recent series of paintings.

D. Dandelion Wine: I appreciate any business that is part of a gallery night. All the more so when I can find a bottle of good wine for under $25. If you’re looking for a bottle of rose for the end of the night, then pop over to Dandelion.


E. Java Studios Gallery: Are you in the market for a studio to create works from for future Greenpoint Gallery Nights? If so, then check out Java. There will also be an encore opening of Bruce Alan Johanns‘s sculpture exhibition, Surface2Air.

© Caroline Paquita

F. Booklyn: Caroline Paquita’s installation, Garden of the Womanimal surveys over a decade of drawings, paintings, prints, sculptures and zines through depictions of half-women-half-wild animals illustrated in bizarrely engaging sexual adventures.

G. The One Well: This “retail sanctuary like no other” offers self-care for the mind and body. Make sure to stop by and check out this art friendly business and treat yourself to something nice.

H. G Spot @ Coco 66: Brooklyn based art collective G-Spot artist, Subtexture is showing a selection of his Roadwork Ahead and Rumblers sign pieces. Sounds like a good reason to stop in for a beer and rest your dogs for the second leg of the evening.

I. Greenpoint Gallery Night HQ @ 67 West St:

1. Calico: Woodworking and art? Yes please. Make sure to check out their space (room #203) for the opening of Dialect, a group show featuring recent works by a handful of talented artists.

© Ted Carey

2. Fowler Project Space: Game Show will exhibit the work of seven artists who engage with the theme of “game” through video, installation, sculpture, and photography. Fowler Project Space is room #216.

3. Dose Projects: Jon-Paul Villegas’s show, Plastic Rules/Nature Drools, explores themes of nature, chance, culture and space through sculpture. Dose Projects is in room #215

4. Greenpoint Terminal Gallery: Samantha Bittman‘s show, Soft Counting features new paintings on hand-woven textiles and one hand-made tile sculpture. Greenpoint Terminal Gallery is located in room #320.

J. Rekover Projects: Water/Color will feature dye-works, portraits and beach wear by Brooklyn artist Laura Eliason.

K. Bunker 259: This place piques my curiosity. A single artwork in conjunction with a text viewable by appointment only? I’m not sure what will be going on for Gallery Night at Bunker 259, but I’m determined to find out.

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