Greenpoint Gallery Night Guide / Art Tonight (5/9)

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Greenpoint Gallery Night is finally here. I’m psyched to put feet to pavement and see some art in my own hood. Have you plotted your route yet? If not, here’s what’s happening where to help you get a grip on your itinerary. Don’t forget to tweet or Instagram pics as #greenpointgallerynight. We’ll run the best photos of the night’s aesthetic meanderings Monday morning so you can brag to your coworkers about how cool your weekend was. Continue reading

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Fishing, Farming, & Factories – Whale (Newtown) Creek Walking Tour – Tomorrow 10/10

monitor st statue greenpoint mcgolrick park
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Meet up with NAG tomorrow at 10am at McGolrick Park and take a casual and family friendly walking tour of the Newtown Creek led by organizer and Newtown Creek “expert,” Ryan Kuonen.

“The Newtown Creek has been a core part of the Greenpoint neighborhood for all of its history. From Native American fishing grounds to colonial farms; from ship building mecca to oil refining hub; from manufacturing base to abandoned warehouses; from graffiti to galleries; from polluted wasteland to the promise of parks, our stroller-friendly tour cruises by important places in Greenpoint’s history and discusses the future of this rapidly developing neighborhood on the banks of the Newtown Creek. This tour’s major focus will be the Greenpoint Oil Spill.”

Bring lunches, water, and your little ones!! (Little ones not required. However, this tour will be paced accordingly)

Meet at 10am at the Monitor Statue in McGolrick Park. Look for lady with NAG sign.


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“On Foot” Brooklyn: 780 miles of music

The most difficult shoes to find are decent walking shoes.

“What kind of shoes are you going to wear?” was the first question I asked Craig Shepard, a local music composer, who over the next 13 weeks will walk everywhere in NYC using no other form of transportation, to traverse over 780 miles and during that time compose 13 original pieces of music.

Each weekend starting this Sunday February 26, 2012, he will lead cellphone free walks from Greenpoint to a different outdoor location in Brooklyn, where he will perform the musical piece. This Sunday’s performance will take place in Bensonhurst (NW Corner of 18th Ave and 85th St), as part of Composer’s Now. Then he is going to turn around and walk back to Greenpoint. The walks will be documented by Beth O’Brien.

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