Look, it's a park...overshadowed by a GIANT BUILDING (rendering of 77 Commercial St)

The notion that not one, but two parks, are coming to Greenpoint as early as 2015 may SOUND like good news. Who doesn’t love green space?

But, don’t forget to read between the lines.

On 5/2, Crain’s reported:  Construction on the first of two long-awaited parks along the Greenpoint waterfront is set to begin in 2015, spurred by money from the developers of two massive residential projects on the waterfront that were approved last year.

Stephen Levin expressed his support: “We’re very glad that these two major, open-space amenities that were committed to back in 2005 are finally moving forward,” said City Councilman Stephen Levin, D-Brooklyn.

Yes, green space is great. But it’s coming at the cost of skyscraper-height condos at 77-87 Commercial Street. To get these buildings approved, the developers, The Park Tower Group and Cherit Group, contributed millions, $12.5 million collectively, to fund the construction of Newtown Barge Park and Box Street Park. The city agreed readily. Why would they fork over the funds for a park if someone else wants to foot the bill?


The Chetrit Group is expected to purchase air rights from the Box Street Park site for roughly $8 million, which will be used to help fund construction, according to an amendment in the Crain’s story.  Box Street will be constructed a year after Newton Barge Park, in 2016.

And if the parks are being built, we can only assume that the buildings will follow suite? Only time will tell. But don’t let the word “park” fool you.

Until then, don’t forget…


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  1. Can’t wait to see the new construction underway. I don’t understand the reasoning of many who are against these new developments. Not only will it revamp what has mostly been dirty unkept industrial product (i.e MTA bus terminal, fumes anyone?) for many decades but by doing so it will provide access to the waterfront. From the renderings of the first building to go up (<10stories) it seems that the architect has tried to incorporate some classic NY features with the brick construction and black features. We shall see!

  2. City Planning recommends 2.5 acres of open space for every 1,ooo residents. Developments in the most northerly part of Greenpoint will introduce a near 15,000 new residents. 37.5 acres of additional open space would have been more appropriate than a meager 5 acres (which includes driveways).

  3. reverse..if 5 acres of open space is the most we can expect, that means 2,000 new residents would be acceptable, 800 dwelling units : )

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