Greenpointers recently met Tim Wendelboe, world renowned coffee-roaster, educator, entrepreneur, and author of “Finca Tamana” and “Coffee with Tim Wendelboe.” He was in New York City a couple of weeks ago for a quick stopover before heading to Seattle for the 26th Annual SCAA Expo (that’s Specialty Coffee Association of America, duh). Wendelboe’s micro-roastery in Norway is famous its lightly roasted, exclusive selection of beans. Tim goes into some of the finer details of what “light roast” means in the video below.

If you want to try Wendelboe coffee in the Big Apple, head to Greenpoint. In the Tri-State area, Tim’s coffee is only served and sold as retail at Budin (114 Greenpoint Ave). Budin also serves beans from the Portland, Oregon-based roastery, Heart Coffee.

Tim’s whirlwind trip consisted of a trip to Budin to sample his product as it is served to the public. He also spoke at an intimate event hosted by the Food Book Fair, where he not only spoke about what makes a good cup of coffee, but also how baristas, roasters, distributors, and farmers can work together to serve the highest quality product to a coffee-craving public, while still maintaing fair trade practices in this crazy ole market economy. It’s clear that Tim’s passion for coffee is contagious as it expands beyond the palate.

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