All we needed was the removal of trees!

We know eastern Greenpoint is readying for construction of a new Kosciuszko Bridge, replacing the decrepitly old (and ugly) monster of a structure that currently connects Brooklyn and Queens (and that this will require a collective holding of everyone’s breath). We also know that our State’s forward-thinking Department of Transportation is removing surrounding trees to prevent an endangered bat species from nesting (so that they’ll settle elsewhere and won’t be harmed as construction begins).

Still, we can’t help but look at the new, treeless scene and wonder if the area, already bleak, has now reached its apotheosis of soulless, post-apocalyptic gloom.

Have a look at the photos and see for yourself. Also, journalism 101 tip: truck drivers who feel your little bicycle and camera have no place in their part of town might very well drive into dirty puddles to splash you. Security guards will also be less than intrigued by your endeavors. Enjoy.

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