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Dear Greenpointers readers,

It’s important that I write to you today to let you know about our newest sponsor Greenpoint Landing Associates, the development group building the towers on the waterfront. 

I know many of you are not supportive of the new development and how you think it will affect infrastructure, transportation and the general character of this neighborhood that we all love. But the towers are coming, so we should embrace the change and welcome these new developers (and the 10,000 new residents from NYC it will attract) to Greenpoint.

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, right?

Over a $10 latte (they paid) I met with the folks of Greenpoint Landing Associates. I have to say I felt a little underdressed in my Silk Road Cycles t-shirt and jeans I picked up at Beacon’s this weekend, but they were awfully nice and they made Greenpointers an offer that I could not refuse.


Not only will Greenpoint Landing Associates be our number one advertiser, they offered us an office (rent free!) with an East River view once the towers are built. Plus, they are footing the bill for a full time editor. It felt weird to agree that each post now has to go through their PR department – but you know, it’s the cost of running the blog.

I left feeling warm inside, like I made the right decision for the website. I do hope you understand that if not for this deal, I would have really been in a rough spot financially and was thinking of how I was going to pay rent and Gina next month. Times are tough for blogs and I can’t turn down big deals like this.

I do hope you continue to read the blog and maybe soon you will also agree that “Greenpoint Landing is the heart of Greenpoint.


Jennifer Galatioto

PS: APRIL F’ING FOOLS! I would never… well maybe for like $5 bazillion.

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