A rendering of 33 Eagle Street, which will have 98 units

Remember all that controversy about the TEN 30-40 story towers that were approved by the City Council to be built on pretty much the entirety of the Greenpoint waterfront? Not to mention the new school and public park, all of which will have foundations on a toxic oil plume.

Need a refresher? We, along with many outspoken Greenpointers, were concerned with probable infrastructure strains, transportation congestion, affordable housing and most urgently, the environmental impacts of developing on and near a National Superfund Site. Council member Stephen Levin assured us that he did the best he could, wining more affordable housing, and that was that….leaving us with lingering disappointment and frustration.

Well, as of Friday, the developer, Greenpoint Landing Associates, has filed permits for two of the buildings, at 21 Commercial Street and 33 Eagle Street. The Real Deal reported that both buildings will be entirely affordable…however, the affordable and market price apartments were supposed to be integrated, so only time will tell if that agreement is upheld.

We were also supposed to see evidence proving that there are no harmful health impacts before construction begins. But of course, that information was never made public, and we’re pretty doubtful that it even exists. UGH.

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  1. I am just at a total loss as to what the gripe is with expanding and building our community and resources….not to mention our property values and local business potentials will rise with the towers. we should embrace all of this change and if we don’t all like it when it finally gets here CASH OUT & MOVE!
    The building grounds have been huge municipal eyesores to date so whats to loose.

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