Wowch Clothing @ Daddy's Handmade Treasures #2

On Saturday 3/8, venture over to Daddy’s (435 Graham Avenue) for a pop-up shop curated by Debbie Tuch, creator of the jewelry line Glitterlimes. Shoppers can find artisanal goods such as Muffy Brandt printed leggings and tops, Tim Harrington (of Les Savy Fav) illustrations, Andrew Salome knits, Jena Derman ceramics, Julie Van Such digital print scarves, Junior Town Knits hand-dyed yarn straight from Los Angeles, Wowch clothing, and of course, Glitterlimes.

DJ Knife Fight will be spinning pre-Beatles rock and there will be drinks on hand.

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I also had the pleasure of asking Debbie some questions on curating, making jewelry, and Brooklyn.


GP: What inspired you to create Glitterlimes?


Debbie: In 1996, I was creating faux opals for a fine jewelry line in school.  It was a “your chocolate got in my peanut butter”  sort of happy collision with some dried limes and glitter resin.  Shortly after, I moved to San Francisco and it was truly all the farms, fruit stands and international markets that inspired me to collect and experiment with fruits and candies from all over the world.  I glitter everything.  Some foods become beautiful jewelry and some get left in the dust.

Since moving to NY in 2010, I have created the xmas tree in lincoln square Glitterlimes style and worked with Lady Gaga for her Holiday Pop up at Barney’s NY, creating 4500 pieces of candy jewelry.

GP: How did that transfer onto Daddy’s Handmade?

Debbie: Daddy’s Handmade Treasures is a different beast.  I wanted to bring some of my favorites together and create a new outlet to present their work.

GP: How do you curate the products and artists for the pop up shop?

Debbie: Studying at RISD, led to a huge network of artists, fine and craft.   Ive been an active crafter all over the country for 18 years and I know many folks.  There is a goldmine of creativity and I am connected to some of the best of the trade.

GP: Do you have any favorite products or vendors that you’d like to spotlight for the shop?

Debbie: This pop up shop has a great crew.  Tim Harrington, famous for being a frontman in Les Savy Fav, is also an aclaimed childrens author and illustrator.  He will be selling books and drawing portraits on the spot.  Andrew Salomone is an educator, Ted Talks Veteran, and writer for Make Magazine.  He will have his hacked knitting machine at Daddy’s and will be knitting custom patches right then and there.  Muffy Brandt is a clothing designer who hand prints amazing pattens on leggings, shirts and bags, she will be coming from Providence, RI.

Everyone at the pop up has a great story.

Muffy Brandt

 GP: What are you dreams for the future?

Debbie: I will continue exploring Glitterlimes, and I hope to start the first RISD NY  alumni pop up.  A large Holiday sale with fine artists and makers alike.

GP: Describe your perfect day in the neighborhood.

Debbie: I love to wander around the hood to checking out all the markets and jump on the ferry.  There is always good people watching and interesting things to get into.

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