Who wants to trek all the way to North 11th when you can just stay in Greenpoint? The owners of Beacon’s Closet seem to agree. The Williamsburg store closed officially this past Sunday, March 2, and the new Greenpoint location, at 74 Guernesey between Norman and Nassau, is set to tentatively open this Saturday, March 8th.

According to the original gangster of Williamsburg thrift shops, “everything about [the new location] will remain the same, just a bit spruced up and less abused.”

The site of the new location

“We wouldn’t be where we are now if it wasn’t for the popularity of the neighborhood, but the landlord didn’t even give us the opportunity to stay,” owner Carrie Peterson told the NY Daily News in September, which began their article triumphantly with this cringeworthy line:

“The hipsters are gentrifying themselves right out of business.”


To give them credit, sometimes businesses do seem to raise the price point of a neighborhood (with their cool factor) so much so that they are priced out.  In this case though, they only had to move 6 blocks away, and we’re not complaining.


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