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If you’ve ever enjoyed a slice from Vinnie’s Pizzeria you’ll have enjoyed their brilliant, endlessly inventive Special Boards designed by co-owner and comic-genius Sean Berthiaume.

The pun-tastic  boards are usually based around a TV show, movie, or celebrity. A particular favorite of mine features a Bacon Bad and Meth-Ham-Feta-Bean pizza, whilst another warns of Beef Noodlety and Graphic Violentils.


When a popular personality passes away, Sean draws up a ‘Rest in Pizza’ special board in tribute. This week’s was dedicated to Harold Ramis and featured a Vegan Spengler and a Honey Buster’d Chicken pizza.

I’ve often wondered what I’d have to do in life to get an honorable mention on the board when my own time on this earth is through, but now it seems I don’t actually have to wait that long:

Vinnie’s are offering up a PERSONALIZED SPECIAL BOARD to be auctioned off at a charitable fundraiser for the Dana-Farber Cancer Center.


The fundraiser is taking place at Beloved (674 Manhattan Ave) this Sunday March 2nd between 2pm-7pm.  As well as hosting an auction the event will feature fun things like art, music, drinks, and of course, PIZZA.

Go along and bid for your own special board masterpiece or get in on the pre-bidding wars HERE. And darn it, if you’re really determined to snag one you can even buy outright for $250. So go ahead…get a pizza the action and grab yo’self an artwork!

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