Dave & Alex Pollack at The Diamond (Dave said: "This is when we first opened; look how bare the walls are!")

Many of us in Greenpoint have enjoyed a nightcap at The Diamond on Franklin Street – but did you know that a husband and wife team is behind this awesome tucked-away bar? For our Valentine’s Day series, owners Dave Pollack and his wife Alex tell us more about their power partnership and their favorite things about the neighborhood.

GP: Tell us who does what at The Diamond.

Dave: I run the bar, and bartend 1-2 nights a week.  Alex was very instrumental in the build-out and creation, but is not involved on a day to day basis, except when big decisions need to be made.

GP: How did you two meet?

Dave: I was dating her best friend.

GP: How long have you been together?

Dave: 12 years (more than 9 married).

GP: When/why did you decide to move to Greenpoint?

Dave: We were trying to do this business in Connecticut (where I’m from) and Florida (where Alex is from). We had moved out of Manhattan to follow this dream and it just wasn’t working. So my sister convinced us to come back to the city. When we returned in 2005, we decided to settle in Greenpoint. We lived between the Mark Bar and Tommy’s Tavern so I guess all that alcohol nearby kept our minds on the project. We found the Diamond and fell in love with the spot because we liked how it was very off the beaten path. That’s changed somewhat in recent years and is about to change a lot with two big openings just south of us on Franklin Street.

GP: What do you love about each other and about living/working together in Greenpoint?

Dave: I love Alex’s ideas and creativity. I always fight her on those ideas, but very often she ends up being right. The half circle bar, the giant lightboard, the extra-large opening that we have into the backyard which really marries the indoor and outdoor space beautifully…those are all Alex’s ideas. Working and living here (full disclosure: we now live on the south side of McCarren, so technically we aren’t Greenpointers) is wonderful because it means so much to be a part of the community that you are serving. To walk the streets every day and really know and be a part of things.  We are extremely fortunate to have that experience.

Alex: Why I love Greenpoint: this is such a communal neighborhood and there is definitely a cast of odd characters and events that we all see everyday. Like, a tomato was growing out of the sidewalk on Banker Street last year and everyone in the neighborhood was talking about it.

GP: Where are your favorite date nights or romantic spots in the neighborhood?

Dave: Mrs. Kim’s for bibimbop; Alameda for drinks.

Our thanks to Dave and Alex for participating!

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