Tamara Garvey Illustrations

We can all use a little out of the city time, fresh air time. But sometimes photographs or artworks of those serene places will have to do. Featured Valentine’s Market vendor Tamara Garvey creates original art, prints, cards, and fabric, all made from whimsical and nature-based pen-and-ink illustrations. She told us about her love of the forest.

I don’t get to walk through quiet forests nearly as much now that I live in New York, but at least I can always go back to pictures of them whenever I need a little inspiration boost. I especially love birch trees in wintertime — the contrast of light and dark, the repetition of shapes that still have enough variety to keep your eye interested, the tiny details of bark, the graceful organic lines – these elements find their way into my illustrations. And as I generally work in pen-and-ink, a tree’s tiny details are especially fun to work on. One of my very favorite things in life is using a pen to make scratches and hatchings!

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