FREE Nail Art by Peenk! at Sunday's Valentine's Market

The Valentine’s Market is this Sunday and we already gave you a preview of all the amazing vendors but we wanted to give you the schedule of all the fun and FREE activities we have going on UPSTAIRS “in the loft.”

Also – many of you are wondering – what is this Speed Friending thingy?

Getting to the loft – (It’s easy to miss) When you enter the market, take a left. The stairs are in the left corner of the space.

Okay so WTF is Speed Friending?(4-6pm)


Here is the gist: we wanted to do speed dating BUT didn’t want to make it all straight or all gay – so we decided to open it to everyone (kind of like when you meet someone and don’t know their preference) Plus Speed Dating can be boring and pressure-y. With speed friending you can make new friends and if you find the LOVE (or the bang) of your life – cool whatev.

Details: Speed Friending will take place in the loft from 4-6pm. Sign up beforehand near the bar. We will run 4 sessions (around half hour each) with 8 frienders in each session. Each person sits at a table in a station across from their “date” for 2-3min. FREE BEER FOR ALL SPEED FRIENDERS!

Each station has a fun activity like listening to vinyl records, playing MASH (remember that!) or asking eachother Trivia questions.Then you switch so you will have dated 7 other people in that time. Get it? And remember, what happens in speed friending stays in speed friending!

The rest of the FREE Valentine’s Market activities in the loft:

• Nail Art by Peenk! (1-7pm) Look at all the gorgeous designs you can choose from. Here’s the deal: it’s not a full manicure, so come cleaned up with a nice color base coat and she will hook you up from there!

• Couples/Singles Astrology Readings by Sidereal Signs (1-7pm) Is it love or lust? Are you two (or 3?) “meant to be”? Will the man or woman of your dreams just land in your lap? What is preventing you from meeting “the one”? Eric will talk you through it all.

Valentine's Photo Booth by Yuka and Miguel

Photo Booth by Miguel & Yuka (1-7pm) Pile all your homegirls in or make it just the two of you and sweeten it with a wet one. Bring the kids, the dog, the lizard – anyone or thing you love and make Greenpointers history! There may be some bedazzled hearts.

• Love Letter Writing with Brooklyn Craft Company (1-4pm) You can’t REALLY tell someone you love (or hate) them via email or text! You need glue sticks, construction paper, felt and glitter! Bring some change for postage and we will mail your love letter, too! Plus, learn all about the awesome crafting classes BK Craft Company has to offer.

• Couples Massage & Body Assessments by Human@Ease (1-6pm) You BOTH need to relax, take a load off and get a rub down. It also might help you get motivated to work out with a body assessment. Don’t be scared, it’s fun!

• Terrarium Class with Claire (1:30-3:30pm) $60, Pre-Registration Required.

See you Sunday!

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