Avocado by Harp & Thistle Stitchery

We all have love affairs with food so don’t judge Erin Flanagan of Harp & Thistle Stitchery for loving up on an avocado. It’s not like that.

Why the obsession with avocados, so much so that she intricately stitches them with heart pits?

Erin Flanagan of Harp & Thistle Stitchery Loving On An Avocado

I am really inspired by nature and one item from nature in particular, the avocado. I love them. First of all, they are delicious, and have healthy fats, Folic acid, Fiber, Potassium, and Vitamin E. I also love them because they compliment the punchneedle technique so much, with my adjustable needle making such a realistic pit. 

You can see her entire avocado product line here, but if you don’t jones for avocados, Erin has a lot of other adorable pieces you can enjoy.

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