It’s kind of like flash dancing, but it will be string musicians on the Brooklyn G train serenading riders to the sweet sound of Bach. God this city is so awesome!

If you are a musicians (on virtually any instrument) you are encouraged participate!

Sign-up here for more info and details.

Tomorrow – Saturday December 21, 2013 around 2pm – amateur and professional string players disperse to each of the Brooklyn-bound G train subway platforms. Over the course of an hour, every time a train arrives, musicians will step in and out of the front car to give subway riders a continuous, tag-team performance of the famous Prelude from J.S. Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1 in G major.


Front car of every Brooklyn-bound G train, 2:00pm EST

Front car of every Brooklyn-bound G train, 3:00pm EST

How to Join:
– To perform, sign up in advance.
– To listen, ride the G train.

More info at Make Music NY.

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