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Ok, Greenpointers. We usually have experts answer reader questions, like Pastor Ann or our fitness gurus. But this time, we’re turning to you. Because the question we recently received in our inbox, from an anonymous reader, is well… unique, to say the least. Just read it for yourselves.

Dear Greenpointers,

My ex-boyfriend was taking up-skirt photos and videos of women on the subway. After a lot of fighting and promises, I stayed with him because he promised to stop and get help. To say the least, he didn’t. When I found new photos, I left him.

My problem is–I’m feeling complicit in his crimes. I wish I had turned the content over to the police, but I didn’t out of some sense of love and loyalty. Now I feel guilty, ethically compromised, and angry that he’s still viewed as a pillar of the community. Any thoughts?

As New Yorkers, we are all too familiar with the ol’ subway pervert. He might be your average  up-skirter or maybe he’s a flasher or a groper– but, hey, he keeps us on our toes.  It’s all part of the fun of commuting in this city of weirdos. Remember John Zippy and that one (NSFW) dude who rode the L in crotchless nylons? We try to forget.


What is the ethical Greenpointer to do?  Leave your advice in comments.

Oh, and if you see a creep-o on the train, take a photo of him and send that shit to the PO-PO.

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  1. If she has evidence of her ex-boyfriend committing this CRIME, then yes….yes she should go to the police. This person is still out there and should get help. If the threat and the ultimate demise of his relationship didn’t stop him, then what will? Most likely, the law. To the submitter, think about this, what if that was you and someone in your position had the power to stop this person? I know it is nowhere close to other crimes we see in this see/borough but he is committing a crime and should know the consequences of his actions.

  2. This gal wants to be absolved of her guilt and nothing more. Probably thought she could get him to put a ring on it , and it wasn’t meant to be. (They don’t change, not ever) Well, way to go dumbass! Thanks for dumping your problem on us. You screwed up. You’re too late! Feel guilty. Be satisisfied that you dodged a bullet. That’s its own reward. You aren’t entitled to anything more than a young urban narcissist award on this one.

  3. I really feel that you know what to do which is why you wrote this letter to share your concern. Internally you feel inclined to make this wrong a right. Women are finally speaking up about the unjust of expectations of our physical bodies, our role in society, along with the way we have been victimized & treated. And you have been put on that path to speak up and not stay silent. It is more of a burden to stay silent. A balance between men and women needs to be restored and no man should ever feel entitled or ok with this kind of behavior.

  4. Who wouldn’t want a boyfriend who is a pervert and takes pictures up OTHER girls’ skirts?! That’s not self degrading or awkward at all! Although I support your love for your pervert of a boyfriend or ex-boyfriend, as a female, I believe that you can still love him while he’s behind bars. Then he can be your pervert boyfriend in jail which can give you some street cred. It will be a win win situation for the community and you!

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