Michelle Meronek of Acre Goods

Michelle Meronek of Acre Goods, a featured vendor at our Holiday Market said, “Jewelry is wearable art. Who can say no to that?!” We agree!

We chatted with this excitable designer about her gorgeous “fiber, stone, and metal jewelry for dreamers” all made by hand right here in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Acre Goods Indian Summer Bracelets

GP: What is the story behind Acre Goods?

Michelle: I wanted a creative outlet during one of my internships in California, and because I’d always dabbled in jewelry-making, it came naturally. My love for natural fibers and stones has always steered my designs as well, so I wanted to highlight both. Now, I’m one of the lucky ones who gets to do what they love every single day. Sometimes I can’t believe it!

GP: And the name Acre Goods?


Michelle: To me, the word Acre represents wide expanse and harvest. Harvesting and sowing your craft and love for artful objects without limitation. I hoped many could relate to this sentiment.

GP: What is a favorite piece?

Michelle: My Indian Summer Bracelet. I think many are attracted to the power of turquoise – it’s pretty magical

GP: What inspires your creations?

Michelle: It often starts with something completely non-jewelry related. I’ll discover an object in nature or or sculptural art or anything with beautiful lines and take a snapshot of it in my head. Material is a great teacher. My pieces are an abstract interpretation of that.

I love surveying people on where they think I drew inspiration, it’s fun!

GP: Let’s talk about Greenpoint!

Michelle: I love our neighborhood, and I tend to gush about Greenpoint. It’s a total haven.

My favorite restaurant is Selamat Pagi – Brooklyn’s take on traditional Balinese cuisine. It’s my little island escape. Their Bali Hash is heavenly.

My favorite shop is MAHPs vintage boutique on Nassau. Brittany has an incredible eye, and I rarely walk out without purchasing something. My most treasured items of clothing are from her shop. 

Follow Acre Goods on Instagram @acregoods, Facebook and Twitter @michellehisae.

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