Weirdies, by Shannon O’Neill, a featured vendor at our Holiday Market, is a collection of little creatures whose purpose in life is to be an amusing companion for your desk or workspace. They are all sculpted, painted, and sewn by hand in a monster laboratory otherwise known as Shannon’s apartment in Greenpoint.

We spoke to Shannon about her collection of adorable little creatures… plus more Weirdies after the jump!

GP: What is the story behind Weirdies?

Shannon: For a little over a year I have been working from my home office as a freelance graphic designer. Since I am lucky enough to make my own schedule, I started making Weirdies whenever I had some spare time.


I wanted to make little desktop-sized monsters that were colorful and vintage inspired. Something to make you smile and brighten your day at your workplace or at home.

GP: What inspires your creations?

Shannon: I am a huge lover and collector of vintage kitsch, toys and knick knacks. Also growing up an only child I think that toys have an extra special place in my heart. Weirdies are inspired by a wide range of kitschy toys from the 60s through 80s such as Gonks and My Pet Monster.

GP: Are you excited to introduce Weirdies to Greenpoint?

Shannon: I am so excited because this is the very first time I will be selling my work at an event, and I love that I get to do it in my own neighborhood! The fact that it is so close to the holidays is even more exciting, I have created some holiday themed items and cards to sell along with my other creatures!

GP: What are favorite spots in the neighborhood?

Shannon: The Tar Pit is a little gem of a coffee shop, I love the espresso there. The Habitat is my all time favorite bar for a beer and comfort food, and I can often be spotted at One Stop Beer Shop on Thursdays for karaoke night!

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