Sunken City © Evelyn Kelley

Aren’t these cuffs gorgeous? Pick up one at our Holiday Market on 12/8 from Sunken City, a jewelry design duo – Megan Nadkarni and Sasha Odiamar – whose pieces are modern interpretations of the traditional Indian and Filipino artisanship found in their families’ keepsakes. Plus they are donating a portion of our sales towards disaster relief in the Philippines through the American Red Cross.

We chatted with these two talented ladies about how their cultures influence their designs.

Sunken City © Evelyn Kelley

GP: Do you have design muses?
Sasha and Megan: In a lot of ways our mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers are the muses for our jewelry line. As we started working on the line and looking for inspiration, we found ourselves rediscovering the jewelry that’s been passed down in our families. Our pieces are influenced by the materials, patterns, and motifs used in those heirlooms. 

Sunken City © Evelyn Kelley

GP: What pieces do your customers respond to most?
Sasha and Megan: Our customers really like the Amaya (left) necklaces and earrings because the geometric pattern is both modern and elegant. The pendant works well layered with other necklaces but is also unique enough to wear on its own.

GP: How is Sunken City more than just a jewelry line?
Sasha and Megan: This holiday season we are donating a portion of our sales towards disaster relief in the Philippines through the American Red Cross. In the future we hope to continue to collaborate with organizations that are working to support the communities and artisanship that we draw inspiration from.


GP: Describe how and where you products are made.
Sasha and Megan: Our products are all hand assembled in New York. We also work with local businesses to produce some of the pieces in our collection. The brass in our laser-cut pieces are made out of unused scrap metal from a metal fabrication company based on Long Island.

GP: Are you pumped about the market?
Sasha and Megan: This is our first market experience ever! We’re excited to meet lots of new people and lots of fellow makers! We’ve been busy working on more pieces to introduce at the market.

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