During the holidays, we are in such a rush doing a million things at once, that often the easiest route for holiday decorating is mass produced store bought junk that sooner or later ends up in a landfill. Not only did I love how unique Brooklyn Craft Coop’s decorations are like the Violet Paper Star Garland pictured, but they are so special you will want to decorate with them year after year.

Lindsay, Susan and Sharon are the the ladies behind Brooklyn Craft Coop, a featured vendor at our Holiday Market and Sharon chatted with us about how the three came together to get crafty and their love of sustainable crafting and Greenpoint. 

GP: What is it with crafty with you three?

Sharon: The three of us have always been into making things since we were kids. This love of creating has continued well into adulthood. We make things because it’s something that we’ve always done and is part of our daily lives.

We decided to combine our creative forces for something that we love to do. It’s always better crafting with company!


GP: When you’re not crafting, how do you all spend your time?

Sharon: Lindsay is the Visitor Services and Retail Coordinator at the Brooklyn Historical Society. Susan is the Administrative Coordinator for the IT Department at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Sharon is a Research Associate with the Stroke Department at Mamonides Medical Center.

GP: Let’s talk about Brooklyn

Sharon: Brooklyn is totally inspiring – the mishmash of culture, different people and ethnicities, it all leads to daily inspiration and a natural willingness to be open to new experiences.

GP: Clearly there is nothing mass produced about your creations.

Sharon: All of our products are handmade. Sue finds vintage charms and beads and also upcycles things like guitar strings and small found objects for her jewelry. Sharon uses humble paper and twine combined with the origami skills she honed as a child to create her garlands. Lindsay wanted eco friendly and natural products for her own personal use so she made them herself!

GP: Let’s talk about Greenpoint

Sharon: Cafe Grumpy is always the go to for a quality, super strong cup of coffee. We really love Troost and Beloved for drinks and hanging out. Fox and Fawn has a great selection of vintage clothing at super reasonable prices. We got a lot of use out of Transmitter Park this summer. That view really can’t be beat.

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