Couples Map by Hollydoodles

Can you pinpoint the exact moment you decided what you wanted to do with your life? Illustrator and Greenpointer Holly Graham, whose shop Hollydoodles is a featured vendor at our Holiday Market, recalls a childhood memory that has impacted her entire life’s work:

“My grandpa once drew a dog from memory for me on this tiny piece of paper. I think I’ve been on a mission my whole life to really perfect a craft in that way.”

Even the name of her shop comes from an old nickname her Mom called her when she was little. Drawing inspiration from a simpler time makes Hollydoodles truly for the young and young at heart. All artwork is created by Holly and products range from illustrated maps, prints, stationery, pins, and other custom work by request made with watercolor, pen, ink, and digital color.

By day Holly is a freelance graphic designer and at night she unleashes her playful and free-spirited nature in her handmade designs. She said that her professional background in design has also informed a lot of the hand-lettering she incorporates into her work.

One of her most popular designs is her Couples Map. She said, “it’s a really personal and unique item great for Save the Dates, and Anniversary or Wedding gifts. People have a lot of fun coming up with their list of items and phrases for me to draw.”


Holly is especially passionate about this kind of custom work because she said “it’s really rewarding to know a product I made can be so meaningful and significant to another person.”

Holly is bursting at the seams in anticipation of the market. She is excited to meet other vendors and people from the neighborhood.

“Listening to other people talk about something they are passionate about is really inspiring to me. I also draw inspiration from nature, travel/other cultures, everyday conversations, looking through old books, and past experiences.”

You might see Holly around the neighborhood. She said that “Charlotte Patisserie is a regular morning coffee stop for me – I love sitting out in their backyard with the giant spool tables! I also have a weakness for the Ajiaco soup at Cafecito Bogota.”

Shop Hollydoodles on Etsy and follow Holly on Twitter (@hollsdrawls) and Instagram (@hollycgraham)

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