The Vine Film Fest organizers address the capacity crowd at Bat Haus in Bushwick

The Vine Film Festival, a “celebration of filmmaking of all sizes,” took place Saturday, Nov. 9th, at Bat Haus Coworking Space in Bushwick. The festival, in its inaugural year, is a grassroots project lead by Weird Carbs in association with BABE, Brooklyn’s All Bush Ensemble. One of the festival organizers, Karly Snajczuk, declared the event an unqualified success.

“The turnout was truly insane. We had close to 300 guests, many of whom showed up early and waited in a line that trailed all the way down the block!” Karly said, “We couldn’t have been asked for a better crowd. Some guests told me that it was their first time in Brooklyn! I consider it a tremendous success and I hope that there will more in the future.”

Anyone was able to submit to the fest by attaching the hashtag #tinylittlevideos to their Vine videos and, according to Karly, the submission process is still ongoing.

“We’d love for people to still use our hashtag,” she added, “We have a community on Vine itself and we’ll be planning another IRL (in real life) meetup with this community again some time in the future.”

While the festival didn’t want to create a traditional “competition” as much as a supportive event around the Vine community, there were still a few stand-out Vines that were declared winners and were awarded accordingly…


Most Emotional Vine by Avery Monsen
Best Scientific Vine by Micah Phillips
Best How-To Vine by Shanice White

“Since (organizing the fest) I’ve learned so much about the Vine platform and now I truly believe in it,” Karly says, “The world is actually a small place, in a comforting way. I’ve been able to meet real people through it and have conversed with users all over the country.”

To find out more about the Vine Film Festival, follow them on Twitter @Vine_Film_Fest.

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