Mrs. Kim's Veggie Burger

I had a secret ladies lunch at Mrs. Kim’s (160 Franklin St) and used it as an opportunity to sample the veggie burger that came highly recommended from a reader. I can’t tell you why the lunch was a secret or who I was with because then it wouldn’t be a secret, but I can tell you there was major girl talk going on that paralleled my decision to order the veggie burger.

To be honest, the delicious spicy smells coming from the kitchen made me want to order the bibimbap or the hangover stew so bad, but I went against my gut and got what I felt pressured to get by the expectations I put on myself (that I was projecting onto you, my lovely Greenpointers readers). It’s not a good feeling, doing what you don’t want to do but feel you have to do.

And so we talked about marriage and whether we really “want” to get married or if it’s just the pressure from family members and society that makes us think we want it. Or are we making these pressures up? Are we projecting their desires and not admitting it is what we want? Women are so confusing, right?!

We agreed that when we were both in our early twenties the marriage and kids thing was a no-brainer, but as we got older and more career oriented we just weren’t sure, even though there is still that nagging question, “is it going to happen?” Yes. Maybe. I think so? “Then when!” (imagine fire breathing lady dragon.)

Then the veggie burger arrived and it wasn’t the bibimbap. It was quite good, though, drizzled with tzatziki dressing and served with lettuce, tomatoes and some pickled sweet onions. The tomatoes were mealy (bad) and the bun was too big and dry – a common fault of many of the veggie burgers I have tasted. But the patty itself was tasty enough to eat on it’s own, filled with veggie chunks, good spice, a crispy outside and not mushy inside. The french fries were divine.


All around it was one of the better veggie burger patties I’ve tried on this tour, but there are just so many other delicious Korean options on the menu, I don’t know why anyone would bother with the veggie burger.

Until next time!

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