Medicinal herbs, healing plants, the magic of nature – all bottled up by Curandera NYC, a featured vendor at today’s Fall Market. Hurry it’s from noon-6pm at From The Source (69 West St).

Curanderas are traditional Latin American healers. Living in the big city can be rough on the mind and body and Curandera NYC offers folk remedies for modern times to treat stress and depleted vitality.

We spoke to Curandera NYC’s Josie Castaneda, who uses Reiki, flower essences, Yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, and herbalism to inspire her Brooklyn-based brand.

GP: Why did you start Curandera NYC?
Josie: I make these products because I believe in the healing power of herbs, flowers, and nature. I began making products that I wanted to use myself and offer to my clients to further enhance the healing properties of Yoga-asana and Meditation.


GP: What inspires your creations?
Josie: Nature is my ultimate inspiration. The amazing bounty of herbs, plants, and flowers always inspire me to create products that create balance and harmony.

GP: What products can we look forward to at the market?
Josie: Curandera NYC’s best seller is the therapy oil ‘Mysore’ used for aches and pains. It was created for students of the Mysore Ashtanga practice who are known to push their bodies to the limits. The blend of essential oils acts as a natural, petroleum free muscle rub.

GP: Are your products eco-friendly? 
Josie: Curandera NYC is all handmade in Brooklyn with organic, vegan, fair trade raw materials. The formulas are all gluten free and made with some form of herbal foundation. All packaging is recyclable and all efforts are made to only make what is necessary so there is no over consumption.

GP: What is in store for your business?
Josie: My goal is to open a healing center.

GP: What is your favorite place in Greenpoint?
Josie: good yoga, it’s one of the best yoga studio’s in NYC!

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