Transmitter Brewing is slated to open in early 2014, but we’ll be getting a sneak peak of their ales at the Fall Market this Saturday.

Anthony of Transmitter gave us the low-down on the kinds of brews we can look forward to this winter. Oh, and we hope you like yeast because these brewers certainly do.

GP: What do you love about beer making?


Anthony: We make delicious beer because we love to collaborate with yeast. Yeast is kind and gentle and deserves our generosity, respect and admiration.

GP: What sets your brews apart from others?

Anthony: We specialize in rustic farmhouse ales that revolve around the flavors provided by wild yeast and hop combinations.

GP: From who/where do you draw inspiration?

Anthony: I’m inspired by microbiologists that make it their career to study yeast.

GP: What’s your main goal for the company?

Anthony: We hope to provide the neighborhood with a beer they can call their own.

GP: is your product eco-friendly/handmade?

Anthony: Our beer is 100% handmade and hand-bottled, labeled, corked and packaged. Oh yeah, and it’s made with 100% recycled yeast.

It's all about the YEAST

GP: Are you excited to be part of the Greenpointers market?

Anthony: Yes, this is actually going to be the first tasting event that we’ve done! We’re looking forward to sharing our beer and giving people a sense of what to expect in the coming months.

GP: What are your favorite Greenpoint food/drinks?

Anthony: Iced coffee from Propeller, chicken from Anella, beer in the backyard at Browerij Lane, and Onigiri at Ashbox all approach perfection.

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