I was personally very upset when I discovered Dinosaurus. Their awesome dinosaur hoodies remind me of my nerdy childhood days at the Natural History Museum where I nicknamed my favorite Brontosaurus “Joshua” and we remained long time friends (until I hit 4th grade and realized it was weird to talk to an animatronic dinosaur). The point is, I’m upset that these hoodies didn’t exist in the 80s.  Because I would have rocked them.

The good news is, it’s not too late for the little people (kids)! With Halloween right around the corner, the timing could not be better. We’re thrilled to have Dinosaurus as a vendor at this year’s Fall Market on 10/12.

In preparation, we asked founder, Alexander Perrelli, to give us the inside scoop.

GP: How did you get into the dinosaur hoodie business?

Alexander: I actually started making them as Halloween costumes for my friends, back in 2005. It was a big hit! Then I realized that children would have so much more fun in a Dinosaur Hoodie, so I began designs for “the little ones.” I know if I had a sweatshirt that turned me in to a dinosaur when I was a child, I never would have taken it off.


GP: I 100% agree. What makes your dino outfits different from all the other dinosaur costumes out there? 

Alexander: The hoodies look exactly like my cartoons and little doodles. It is very much a product of my brain, but as well it is the meticulous craftsmanship of our New York based manufacturer that brings my ideas to life. 

Alexander's Cartoon Dinos


GP: What inspires you?

Alexander: My inspiration comes from my interest in how deeply a child “sees” the world. As adults, you take for granted the spontaneity of the imagination; But a child can access it everywhere. Its beautiful. Also, my love for nature and science as life pursuits and hobbies really drives my passion behind this endeavor. 










GP: What kind of creature is a Dinosaurus?

It actually means, “all things dinosaur.” 

GP: I will work that into my vocabulary immediately. Are you excited to participate in the Fall market?

Alexander: Yes, actually this will be our first fair exposure to date! We are looking forward to being able to converse with customers, get our name out there, and become a part of a local community of creative craft-makers.










GP: Since you spend a lot of time in the neighborhood, what are your go-to spots?

Alexander: I love Cookie Road. They have the BEST sandwiches, and hand-make dog treats that my little furball freaks out over. I also love Alter. Whenever I pop in there, the employees are super friendly and I generally walk out with something, even if its not what I went in to purchase.

GP: Theoretically speaking, would it be possible for someone of adult size to get a custom-made Dinosaurus outfit to wear to work/the gym/on dates/to sleep/all the time???*

Alexander: Yes, Gina, I will personally create this costume for you. It will be awesome.*

Dino Illustration via Dinosaurus

*May not be a real question/answer, only a simple dream…


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