TV and Film Production Ruining Greenpoint Lives?

One time a friend and I drank a bit of wine and decided we were going to dress up in 1930s attire and stroll onto the set of Boardwalk Empire. We could see the production lights from her kitchen window and thought it was totally awesome that such a successful HBO show was filming right downstairs in McGolrick Park. We also thought our plan was genius. We never actually went through with it, but that’s a story for another day.

According to local news outlets, some Greenpoint residents don’t share our same sense of excitement. CBS New York and Fox 5 News recently reported that many Greenpoint residents are fed up with the abundance of TV and film production in the neighborhood. The complaints stem from constant street closures that can last several days and leave car owners with nowhere to park. The situation worsens when the signs are posted and cars are parked elsewhere, but the promised shooting doesn’t even happen and streets are made empty for no apparent reason. It seems the most concerned area is on Monitor Street and surrounding blocks. In Fox’s report one upset Greenpoint resident said, “We’re hostages now on our own block.”

Maybe if there were more Michael Shannon sightings in Greenpoint, residents wouldn’t be so upset?

TV and film production complaints have long been an issue throughout the borough. Just last Friday Gothamist posted a photo of an angry note left by an agitated Fort Greene resident:


According to the Fox 5 report, there are currently six television shows in production in Greenpoint alone right now. Included is new show Hostages and HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. The film and TV industry employs more than 130,000 New Yorkers and contributes some $7.1 billion annually to the local economy. Local businesses benefit from this, too.

Fox 5 said the consistent filming is disrupting residents’ quality of life. What do you think, Greenpointers? Is the Greenpoint production of Boardwalk Empire ruining your life? Is it true that the “lights camera and action remains a distraction”? Let us know in the comment section.