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There was an incident involving a gun on Sunday August 11, 2013 on Norman Ave and Guernsey St, but whether it was a shooting is still unclear.

At 3:17pm yesterday I received an email from a reader that said:

I was just walking home and a man had been shot in broad daylight on the corner of Norman and Guernsey!! Two cops were on the scene, along with a number of people who saw the shooter, who I believe is still at large. I live on Guernsey and am scared to leave my apartment.

At that point there was no other information about the incident, until Bedford and Bowery posted an article titled, “Seems There Was a Pistol-Whipping in Greenpoint this Afternoon,” with information about the incident based on tweets.

One from NY Scanner read “Brooklyn: Lorimer St & Norman Ave Crime scene being established in regards to a male shot, Aided in serious condition,” and another from Breaking911 that initially tweeted: “Brooklyn: *Shooting* Norman Ave & Guernsey St male shot on location. Crime scene being established,” followed by few neighbors who tweeted it was a robbery and pistol whipping and the suspect was caught, while another tweeted that someone heard gunshots.


The Newsmap from Gothamist was even more confusing – it showed a Stabbing at Norman Ave & Guernsey at 2:56 p.m. and a Shooting at the same location at 3:13pm.

I am waiting for a call back from the 94th Precinct.

Stay posted for any updates.


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